Serviced Apartments For Professional Business Clients

We provide our long-term clients with accommodation that are serviced to the best range for their desired location . 

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About Us

We are a family run business who are dedicated to the warmest standard of customer service. We are grateful to have such intimate business relationships that enable us to move together so swiftly and we use that ability to create deeper relationships in order to supplement the success of everyone in our network.


If you have the problem of needing to accommodate your colleagues, business partners or employees for a one time project or for a recurring consistent date into the future - We can assist you with providing the best options for your stay  in and around your desired location all throughout London.

We are grateful for our long-standing relationships which have assisted us in consistently being able to deliver the smoothest service.If you are interested in accommodation, please enquire below and describe to us your situation.

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our clients Get
the best experience 

We specialise in providing comfort and adding efficiency to your booking routine
We acquire the best properties which fulfil the needs for your next projects
We value peace of mind and smooth transactions.

SmartTV with Netflix & YouTube

All of our accommodations are kitted up with a Smart TV that has internet access to all premium entertainment service

Cleaning Services

All properties receive the highest maintenance and are made to shine for your arrival. Regular scheduled cleaning is apart of our additional services

Amenities & Utilities

Our clients will have everything they need within the accommodation to begin living as smoothly as they arrive. All appliances and gadgets are ready-to-use. Additional requests can be made for special occasions on arrival

Luxury Services

For Luxury Services, upon request and for special occasions we can assist you in the fulfillment of specially personalised  ‘London Event Plans’ Private Chauffeuring and Additional soothing services; e.g. Jacuzzi’s

Our Location

Our primary residencies are focused in Canary Wharf , our portfolio is also accompanied by the Docklands Area, expands to the London Borough Of Barking & Dagenham & even 
‘touches a little bit’ of Essex.

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We look forward to becoming acquainted to you,
Your London Apartments.

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